There are just a few basic tools required: email/internet and a heart rate monitor. Email/Internet Routine communication will be handled via email. Training plans will be posted usingwww.trainingpeaks.comYou can log in to view your workouts and post your results. TrainingPeaks will also serve as your training log. Information and metrics are applied to each workout,

Coaching Solutions

OnTrack is about being on the right path towards your goal. Here, I can help you with a myriad of coaching solutions that will get YOU, the athlete, on the path to your future success! Professional USA Cycling Certified Coach. Training Bible Affiliate Coach. USA Triathlon Certified Coach. You entrust me with your athletic endeavors,

Reality Check

For some good info on how to set up your bike computer to maximize it’s usefulness, surf over to my Training Pages blog post. I’ve got something a little less nuts-and-bolts, but much more important, to talk about today. Recently, the cycling community in my area lost a popular athlete to a bike-car collision. More

Training Page Setup

Are you maximizing your training devices? Here are my recommendations on how to set up your Training Pages for cycling and running. The device(s) you have will limit your options. This is written assuming you have a separate running and cycling device. Cycling Page 1 will be used for for general training. It should have