Athletes On Track is a coaching company focused on endurance sports. We help athletes meet their goals and stay OnTrack. We coach three main areas: cycling, running, and multi-sport endurance athletes.

Athletes On Track’s core coaching philosophy uses science as a guideline and starting point for coaching. From there we believe all athletes are unique and success is defined by the athlete through the correct amount of specific training to elicit the desired physiological outcomes, while focusing on recovery and demands of life outside sports.



You hear it all the time. A plan or a project is On Track. Your training is On Track. We also happen to get On The Track sometimes, when we do a running or cycling workout. Being “on track” is both about where you are right now, and where you’re headed. To us it signifies the dual focus on results today, and a clear path to an even brighter future.


We help athletes achieve their goals.

We have a team for ourselves and like minded athletes to compete and have fun.

We produce a limited number of events in line with our mission of helping athletes.



Sports are our passion, and helping athletes achieve their goals is our calling, and we’re good at it:

We’ve done it ourselves and know what it takes.

We are all experienced athletes, and we could post some pretty impressive resumes for all the sports and disciplines we coach, but this isn’t about us or what we’ve done – it’s about you, and what you want to do. All that matters to you is whether or not we know what it takes – and we do.

We’ve helped other athletes achieve their goals.

We are also experienced coaches, and we’ve helped many athletes achieve their goals. We’ve had success with beginners and pros, young and old, single and multi-sport athletes. Results and testimonials are great, and we’re happy to provide those, but again this is about you, and what you can achieve. What matters is whether or not we can help get you there, and based on a proven track record – we can.

We can help you get On Track.

You have a goal. It’s there, in the back of your mind. Maybe it’s just a spark of an idea to do your first 5k, or maybe it’s a burning desire to qualify for a world championship. Whatever it is, we are here to help. We’ve been there ourselves, we’ve helped other athletes get there, and now it’s your turn – let’s do this.


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“Steen is quick to identify, and resolve cycling issues.  And he’s easy to understand… I’ve always been a very poor sprinter.  One ride with Steen, and he quickly recognized the cause, and made a few simple adjustments to my positioning and form.  Now my torso doesn’t absorb energy anymore, it’s a fulcrum, transferring more power to my legs and pedals.  Since then, my sprinting has gone from “poor at best” to one of my most formidable strengths.  I credit Steen for helping me WIN MY FIRST TXBRA SERIES ROAD RACE… in a SPRINT FINISH!” – John M.

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“Just got back from the Xterra World Championships in Maui. It was an awesome race that I will remember for the rest of my life. I wanted to thank you for helping me train and be ready for a World Class event. Even though I have been a cyclist, racer and coach for many years I would not have had the quality race that I had if not for you.” – Alan J.


“With so much misinformation and misguided coaches in the sport today, it is truly inspiring to find a coach who is not only extremely well educated and informed, but an experienced competitor himself.  Steen epitomizes expertise in all facets of outlining training programs, nutrition, equipment recommendations, race preparation, goal setting and evaluation.  Simply stated, he is the best.” – Zack L.