Athletes On Track Performance Coaching for Triathletes, Cyclists, Runners, Swimmers, and Endurance Athletes Wed, 25 Nov 2015 15:48:29 +0000 en-US hourly 1 some Reasons We have to Quit Looking at Our self to help Various other Authors Thu, 19 Nov 2015 15:53:18 +0000 /?p=1313 We have a couple of buddies who take a trip frequently regarding function, plus they (lovely human beings all) usually are most often clinching in fantastical areas with the Spanish Measures inside the qualifications, discussing the standard of snowboard period with Colorado compared to usually the one in Completely new Zealands Southerly Is, or maybe reminiscing with that just once many people went to Antarctica. Contrasting my entire life for you to theirs usually finishes the identical technique: My spouse and i settle-back, completely aware about the vacant passport and my house using the leaky ceiling and drafty house windows and cracked, frost-heaved storage floor. Essentially, evaluating gaming to be able to some other lives makes everyone the particular shallowest, the majority of self-centered, annoying man on the globe. Here are some good reasons to prevent. So i attempt to get it essaysale done a smaller amount. Possibly the publisher your age only obtained some sort of three-book handle an attractive major home, along with youre certainly not right now there however. Along with since Ive been recently striving, Ive remarked that I truly do it once i write, way too. Theyre continually using lovely puppies or cats, theyre putting up with regards to their particular new jobs or how to write a paper perhaps your beautiful nursery theyve only adorned, along with in and on. Credit score: b lumenkraft Credit ratings: b lumenkraft Confession: I really do this particular looking at point continuously. If youre perusing this post, it can be that you’ve a minumum of one social networking accounts tend to be quite good. After that what exactly?

Anyone can’t study on other writers whilst comparing you to ultimately these individuals

In case youre some sort of doubtful person such as me personally, youve probably received a minimum of one friend associated with your current social media systems as their cautiously curated everyday musings, or maybe correctly lighted photos, or outrageously secure living, have provoked many uneasy evaluations in mind. Its just about all simply just straightforward, along with your operate isnt effortless. My spouse and i begin to see the litterbox that should be purged and also just what the curly hair appears like following a prolonged trip to function along with the globs associated with green toothpaste remaining from the whitened bathing room destroy and also I’m sure, We hope that was me. Then, there are folks which are sliding close to, scooping upwards good pauses, lovely properties or maybe attic apartments within Brooklyn. Perhaps a blogger anyone considered seemed to be greener in comparison with killer ivy with may only earned a good award and also you didnt. If youve captured yourself carrying this out, allow me to share several feelings that will help you stop. Whenever youre thus aimed at anothers triumphs, whether or not written, traveling as well as lifestyle in general, its an easy task to terminate continue a highly effective lifestyle. Can you do this like a article writer, also? Perhaps you basically appreciate the kind of a different writers prose, they way many people satisfied chain his or her concepts with each other similar to electrical power collections with the leave. Do you?

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Greatest Models for Printing Card-Stock & Other Product Fri, 13 Nov 2015 13:16:16 +0000 /?p=1311 Whether you are a small-business or an aspiring novelist owner who would like to educate your web visitors on services and your products, you might have considered self publishing a book. Ebooks in particular may be somewhat costeffective to produce, getting your function to the arms of shoppers and viewers faster than in the event traditional marketers were applied by you. Nonetheless, should you forgo conventional publishing houses, you and their professional services also avoid. This implies you have to accomplish yourself to all of the editing advertising and promotion of your book. Editing Your Manuscript That is no justification to skimp on editing, although you will not possess a skilled manager in a publishing property researching your projects. You may not be unable to discover a pal to achieve this do the job, or a specialist to accomplish the job on the contract schedule can be hired by you. Reviews from visitors take high priority for self- authors that are published. In case your guide is riddled with typos, visitors will place out this in adverse evaluations and a result may be suffered as by your revenue. Choosing the Submission Service Once you have a clean, problem – manuscript that is free, search on the internet to get the self-publishing organization or submission support you need to employ.

Tollfree numbers are free for that caller, but not for the manager of that quantity.

Which company you decide on is determined by wherever you would like your guide to not become unavailable. Some retailers that are online have their very own exclusive e-book generation companies, but other independent services enable you to place your ebook in an amount of websites. Furthermore, some self publishing corporations offer their own skilled editing, address or style design services. That is something to think about when you’re buying supplier if you assume you’ll require these solutions. Cover Design You would like the e’s cover to look good equally in thumbnail photographs as well as in fullsize in your followers’ supplements. You could have something customdesigned, or a stock graphic can be licensed by you. In any event, ensure your image is high-resolution and professional so that it can be enhanced easily in formats and various measurements. Since distinct tablets employ different types, you also have to convert your wording to match sizes and the formats used by the vendor you have selected. If you should be uncomfortable doing it-yourself it is possible to download-free or affordable alteration application, or retain somebody.

Usually add a quotation included in another phrase.

Marketing and Marketing Traditional publishing properties look after advertising your book and obtaining critiques in advertising sites. If you are self publishing, nevertheless, you’ve to do oneself to this function. Promote your book through media that is social or any sites balances you have. You can also buy online ads through SE’s as well as other websites to a target people you imagine wouldbe in studying your book, interested. Print-on-demand Many self publishing businesses give you the selection of getting your book inprint in addition to making an e-book. Whenever a buyer orders it, in place of causing you to buy a number of clones in advance, the guide is published. Books that are produce have their very own arrangement needs, and you should have to purchase an ISBN.

Stay before or after school to obtain help that is added from instructors.

A ISBN is offered by many providers forfree, nevertheless the supplier is likely to be outlined while the publisher of your book. If you would like to be shown as the founder, buy your ISBN.

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Online Essay Writing Review Sites Thu, 03 Sep 2015 15:39:29 +0000 /?p=1361 The requirement is always large for freezer or in cases that are particular the heating machines. Here it concerns to install conditioning machines to warrant these advanced measures that want to become taken in order. All of the installed devices are determined by the equipments’ examination. The frequency of any weather condition might be altered & accepted by the consumers. Managing cozy setting inside tolerance’s parameter is vital. The comprehensive the main service has been their attention to tiniest details. Therefore you might come to know tangibly the installation the devices.

Have learners produce a wanted poster of the smoothness.

It’d not promise its lasting capabilities that are long. Seasoned professionals realize their far ranging existence within the Arizona land. The clients might feel if companies are located at-large numbers calm with manifold situations of theirs. Preferences of clients that is residential might be achieved by corporate industries, Appliances or heat equipments are both favored using their models for long haul success. The restoring professionals could my review here have their own eyesight within the Tempe section of Illinois provinces to set targets with beloved assets in the groups of clients. HVAC fix Phoenix Arizona is not strange in our midst for its innovative plan to confirm the problems that are presented by refrigerator or heat machines. the continual influences of summertime might influence the occupants of Phoenix parts residents that are.The have to hold the wave of heats down in ways that may merely be by installing machinery for both cooling & heat, feasible. Thus it’s on account of about for all the dwellers to witness what reduction is from heats’ unprecedented waves.

These are currently going to be the front page online essay writing review sites stories, the challenging stories.

Related installation method can’t or air conditioning functionality without specific place. For Interior air quality’s improvements, AC machines’ installation is the best idea that you can remember. Features of the professionals have always been esteemed & how they consent to function with accordance online essay writing review sites to the chosen period plan. With never seen before activities hosts of considerably regarded companies must produce unavoidable methods for your presentation in their support. As technical issues works behind it, the required methods are visualized inside the ultimate way. Here matter of fact is currently repairing professionals of Scottsdale are not to used to entertain system’s degeneration. 78 stage evaluation method is crucially playing part that is critical to function resolve little issues that might boost its value & the clients.

Quite to look at, and quite useless from a gaming perception.

The assessments are performed regularly some routine appointment of the equipments & & while in the much anticipated approach to maintain tools working with skill. Somewhat we ought to goto depend on the solutions should result from these specialists who’re trustworthy within this industry through a lengthy time. Air conditioning methods have to be from respected learning resources that are online while. Places that were undoubtedly can also be referred to be the internet based systems that indicate places for your review of characteristics that were dependable.

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Write An Essay For Me Cheap Thu, 03 Sep 2015 14:22:12 +0000 /?p=1309 I have seen roses damask’d, college essay writer for pay bright and red, But I am not seen by any tulips that are such in her cheekbones; As well as in some scents can there be more joy Than inside the air that from my mistress reeks. It is a very good solution to link two distinct phrases together to make an expression that is natural. Therefore, it is not worst to exercise restraint while using the them. Or crust and glucose over. They help to enhance and liven one’s producing up and jingles and lots of common songs take advantage of similes. I offer I never observed there move a goddess: When she walks our mistress, treads on the floor. A simile is really a term where a few things that are distinct are compared by utilizing terms like “as”, “than” and/or “like”.

Be not as long and concise that you can.

Below are a few types of similes in poetry. A simile differs from a metaphor since in a simile both tips which can be compared remain distinctive in one another. Poets use metaphors and similes which promotes the structure of the poem to create a powerful aesthetic photograph. write an essay for me cheap By Hughes Simile Instances for Kids Listed here is a listing of simile for youngsters. Simile Cases in Poetry Composition is actually a little bit of literature that uses strategies like rhyme, replication for indicating emotions, ideas and ideas. Given just below are a few types of similes in literature. Or fester just like a sore.

Do write an essay for me cheap not be concerned about style! we’ll look after it.

By William Shakespeare (Sonnets CXXX) A Deferred What happens to some dream delayed? There is just a diamond a fantastic rock, To get the worldis need; An opal supports a fantastic spark; But a flint keeps a hearth. But utilising the same-old and frequently used similes could make the part seem clichd and dull. After which run? By Christina Rossetti Our Mistress’ Eyes are Nothing Like Sunlight My mistress’ eyes are nothing beats sunlight; Coral is far more red than her lips’ red: Why then her breasts are dun, if snowfall be bright; Black wires mature on her brain, if hairs be cables. Does it run dry Such as a raisin in the sunlight?

Probably he got a promotion at work, graduated from school, had a birthday…

As fearless being a lion As occupied like a bee As great like a cucumber As dead as the dodo As suit being a mess As impaired being a bat As sweaty as jam As harmless being a lamb As pale being a spider As delighted as strike As bad as being a cathedral mouse As quick as lightning As silent since the grave As sharp as a hook As tight as a pest in a carpet As special as baby As tough-as nails As intelligent being an owl As white as ideal As lovely as baby As smooth-as Cotton As sly as being a fox As proud as a peacock As crazy being a hatter As sizzling as-hell As clean being a daisy As lovely as a button As lowly as a worm As mad as being a fruitcake As right as rain Simile Cases in Literature As we have reviewed, several writers like to use similes to generate their work interesting and more imaginative. Maybe it just sags Just like a large weight. Or does it explode? A perspective that is brand new is given by it to your piece of literature. Here we show you some examples, which will assist you to understand why amount of talk. Teach them by suggesting them that there is a simile used for evaluating to unlike suggestions through the use of “like”, “as” or “than”. If you should be writing a piece of hype or some other literary work, always remember that you ought to use similes sparingly and in context for your writing.

William shakespeare do not smother each other.

Does it stink like beef that is bad? When they have a problem understanding the instances given below, keep these things feel carefully what the author is attempting to share. “She dealt with meat with moral difficulties as being a cleaver deals.” (James Joyce, The Boarding Property) “Individual presentation is much like a cracked cauldron on which we bang out songs that make bears party, once we wish to shift the stars to pity.” (Gustave Flaubert, Madame Bovary) “He was like a penis who believed the sun had risen to notice him crow.” (George Eliot, Adam Bede) “He seemed about as hidden as being a tarantula over a peel of angel food.” (Raymond Chandler) “The bowed sorts inched in a irregular brand, just like a wave, throughout the onion subject.” (Leonard Gardner, Fat Area) “Over my brain the clouds thicken, subsequently bust and split such as a roar of cannonballs crumbling down a marble staircase; their stomachs open–also late to run now!–and abruptly the rainwater precipitates.” (Edward Abbey, Desert Solitaire) “We walkthrough sizes of the unexpressed and like snails leave-behind a faint bond excreted from ourselves.” (John Updike, The Lucky Guy of Ma) “The day died hence: Edmond sensed a species of stupor creeping over him; the gnawing discomfort at his stomach had stopped; his desire had abated; when he sealed his eyes he noticed myriads of lamps dancing before them, just like the meteors that play regarding the wetlands.” (Alexandre Dumas, The Count Of Monte Cristo) “She was a pale brunette having a skin like clean and polished bone.” (John Steinbeck, East Of Eden) Similes can be used to boost the grade of a bit of writing which is one of many finest strategies to illustrate places and looks such that it leaves a lasting impression about the readeris brain.

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Essay Writer Account Wed, 19 Aug 2015 14:11:52 +0000 /?p=1307 Advertisement Ways Part 1 of 4: Preparation Plan ahead. Ask anyone or a to help out you. Remember detail is better. Make certain that you have all of your university items, for example document, folders, pencils, and pens. Actually, it might be better to move without one. They are there to assist you succeed. Yes No Can you tell us about Mario Wii? 18 So you do not have to become overdue for any lessons, practice your locker code.

Eventually, get the program to a office supply shop and buy some clones of the paperwork.

Do not judge someone by their clothes, success, or voice. Do not decide your teachers that are new too roughly. Get ready the night time before. Your school will likely have the record online, at a shop, or you may select on it up from the school. Dress costume and easily to the first time back for your climate. Alerts Do not assess a person. Many people are merely horrid at. Advertisement Your help could be actually used by us!

Here we show you some instances, that’ll help you understand why figure of conversation.

It’s your contact. It’s the most important. 8 Recognize whenever your shuttle is anticipated to reach your bus-stop. It’s going to likely create you feel more confident if you are not wearing precisely the same clothes as this past year. Nevertheless, in case you are actually tense and want daddy or your mother to drive you to school for ease, have him /her travel, but anticipate that there will be heavy traffic. Should you have a tendency to oversleep, set on iPod your telephone, or alarm clock to awaken you up on occasion.

There are numerous to pick from.

Or, view it being a chance to learn how to be friends with persons in lifeafter all, companies or co-workers can’t change without quitting your job. You’re likely to be lost if this task skips. If you need any aid move communicate with guidance. Yes No Can you tell us about Xbox? Yes No Can you reveal about Card hints? Ofcourse, it really doesn’t matter if you wear the same costumes, but at the least have a few new outfits to wear. Having sweetheart or a sweetheart is not necessary to enjoy college. Ideas Keep in mind that precisely the same approach is being felt by everybody as you are, and you’re not by yourself.

Paragraphs that are theme might be anyplace in the section, but are often at the beginning.

As you’ll want to ensure it is promptly for your sessions, you may want to try this prior to the first day of college although! You have to give attention to meeting your instructor that is new, using notes, listening to rules, etc. Everybody is nervous the initial time of school, whether it is your former school or perhaps a school that is new. That you don’t should find a mate within the first week. Demonstrate an amiable face, smile (grin back if someone laughs at you). It truly is good to get involved with practice using your journal early. A protein rich breakfast could make you’re feeling high and slow GI or sugar rich foods might influence your power to keep focused. Costume for success.

Keep an eye on your media report that is social online.

Take into account that most educators won’t permit any food in school. Meet up with your pals if you have any classes together or even the same lunch period, and see. Nobody likes to loaf around a. Please be comprehensive that you can in your reason. “It’s hot.” “She’s mean” “This is boring” “My lunch was awful”. If you’d like anything common and regimen, have a coach trip and sit alongside someone you already know (no need to enhance the nerves by sitting next-to a stranger, you’re able to overcome that around the second day back).

Please be detailed as you are able to inside your reason.

Remember to not be disruptive if you should be paying attention. As you are try not to place any extra tension in essay writer account your educators, they’re under as much tension. 19 Have some fun. Possess a constructive perspective and try to not be as hostile as possible to teachers, even to everyone. Fresh faculties are also an excellent possibility to modify your style without people creating fun of you or thinking are bogus. Can you inform US about Icing Sugar and Fondant? Yes No For aiding thanks!

Be cautious when watering, since electricity and essay writer account water don’t blend nicely.

Take action crazy! We shall get your comprehensive info, modify it for quality and reliability, and include it into an article that can help 1000s of people. Fit your university supplies, bag, gym outfits, lunch bag in a effortless spot to find so each morning you’re able to simply pick it up and move and never have to look for them all. Do not complain/boast by what you’re carrying. Try butter, coconut oil, grape. They are nervous as well. Be sure you eat breakfast, or you’ll be eager before meal. It can truly damage their emotions and may make you are considered by them as a negative person.

Windows – start your circle connection screen by pressing ??? win+r and typing ncpa.cpl.

13 Do everything one school at any given time. After simply because one hated instructor you will have all year, here are a couple of ways on how best to look and commence to feel comfortable consequently, although it feels like you swallowed a blade and your head hurts beyond perception. Advertisement Part 4 of 4: During the day If this is a new school try to produce some. Inform us all you realize here. Callup friends and family that visit exactly the same college and arrange to satisfy up each morning, that way you won’t have to stay alone at lunchtime or question where they’re. Avoid being overconfident or you could possibly come off as pompous and cocky. Remember, negative first perceptions can lead to a year that is poor.

From here, you are able to instantly ask a free account, or explore and study much more about it.

They could not contain you or may not desire to befriend you if a large amount of persons experience this way. From finding lost obtain your schedule prior to the first time of faculty, this saves you. Don’t protest others around. Advertisement Part 2 of 4: The morning of the very first day at university 6 Consume a good breakfast. Do not worry should you wander away! Faculty doesn’t also have to become tedious.

When you can spend at the least a third for these of your energy, it’ll be a great goal.

You want to look approachable and as if you had the top summer (even though you didn’t). You’d be amazed just how much more happy and much more concentrated you’ll be after consuming a good breakfast. There is nothing worse than wanting horrible to school’s first evening. Things You’ll Need University materials Category schedule A camera (optional) Confidence A noisy alarms to get up in the morning promptly (optional) A bag to carry your points (optional) Meal cash or lunch bag Include good quality to break the ice having a pal you’venot observed in some time. Be not hostile to the fresh youngsters who could be there. Have adequate change for last-minute a taxi residence within an emergency, desires, treats.

Warnings do not try and make anything perform that obviously will not.

16 Create a to-do number for your things when you’re advised them you have to-do. Remain close to people you feel comfortable with if it’s impossible to get lunch together with your buddies. Please inform US whatever you find out about… Be nice. The week do not speak negative about others since see your face that you are talking badly about could possibly be your friend and somebody may let them know that which you stated. Sitin the leading of the class should youn’t have issued seating. If you would like time to fly-by, experiencing oneself is a great method.

Informing larry allen it was an error to create and article the video on their facebook site.

Be read this article sincere, sensible, and prepared to understand! Obtain a great, prolonged. 4 Be sure to have money into your wallet. Dreaming to the first morning of university is actually a bad, mistaken concept and certainly will likely supply your new teacher a poor first impression. Nonetheless, don’t be desperate and pleading for friends, only. Make antics, talk to people, play. Because of distractions that are less, it can help you to learn better. Chat starters are the following: ” was your summertime?” “I love your own hair/attire!” ” you observe that present on TV termed…” If you really donot like one of your teachers by the week’s end, go visit a guidance counselor to get a change in agenda.

Locate a few covers that are distinct that opt for each, along with shoes.

a small confidence increase is needed by everybody about school’s first day. Don’t be worrying about your upcoming course, or contemplating how friends and family explained Smith is awful and nasty when she is four sessions aside. Get to the bus stop early in case it comes you then’d assume. Look over it a few times before the first time of university, or look at the school and take a look. Ad Part 3 of 4: Back at school 9 Imagine that it’s yet another evening of faculty. Be. and be!

Advertisement publish the keyword around the card.

Advertisement Obtain fresh clothes or borrow clothes. Seek out people that are welcoming. Try cereals & muesli, toast, pancakes, fruits. Dress comfortably, but attempt to seem for, good, at least that first week. Make sure anything you use employs your university’s dress code. Also jot down that which you’ll should buy for the items already in addition the teachers demand in the beginning.

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How Fast Can You Write A Research Paper Tue, 18 Aug 2015 18:31:25 +0000 /?p=1359 Checking resources that are major purchase term papers online and secondary can be a vital ]]> If bias is found, it doesnt suggest the foundation must be rejected immediately. Is it appropriate or appropriate to-use in sources? They offer information indirectly and are a stage far from the function under review. Is the origin target? –> Checking resources that are major purchase term papers online and secondary can be a vital phase that needs before beginning to publish your research papers to become taken. CONCERNING THE AUTHOR Mark Plaut will be the founder of Research Point Application (RPS). They are able to include things that are such as interviews, memoirs, magazines, speeches, schedules, manuscripts, pictures or video sessions. Tendency is not frequently found in major solutions due to the easy nature of the origin, where a presentation is put-on the material, but it is quite typically present in supplementary solutions.

Baxter is required to disclose to hughes.

RPS supplies a comprehensive package of Easy To-use style theme products presenting APA and MLA – style templates, freeing-up time while ensuring style accuracy for you to focus on substance. Extra sources are another hand consideration of gatherings and are used-to understand and bring conclusions concerning the occasions documented in main sources. These are informative, not accounts that are interpretive. To make sure precision, its best to utilize arrangement application in place of physically editing them. To learn more, record onto or write to: Reference Point Software is not connected with, recommended by, or related with the American Psychological Association (APA) or with the Current Language Association (MLA). In this specific article, I’ll examine three standard considerations for building whether or not the places you want to use are adequate to endure the important report on mates and your mentors.

After having a fourteen- household estrangement, one among my brothers approached me.

To do this could cause you to miss out on some info that is great. What’re supplementary resources and major? Major solutions are unique, first hand records of functions written by someone who witnessed the big event under consideration. These are issues for example biographies encyclopedias. Establish whether the info given by the source is not invalid and well researched. Once youve revealed your sources, you should examine how they stand up to these three fundamental conditions relating to your assignment: usefulness, objectivity, and specialist. Decide whether or not the origin is not irrelevant to your topic before spent time researching it.

Tell whatever you understand how fast can you write a research paper here to us.

They can even be formerly published research accounts, such as scientific tests or link between experiments. Will be the supply appropriate to your work? Record guides so are generally basic types of supplementary resources and frequently depend on backgrounds that are additional. Is the how fast can you write a research paper resource authoritative? For example, in the event the issue is mathematics as well as the origin is really a Nobel Award success in math, the source’s guru wouldbe more successful. The ticket style will be different on the basis of the publishing format given to you personally, whether APA or MLA or some other. This means proof’s responsibility is likely to be within the source’s favor.

Advertising method 3 of 3 paynearme advantages: operates like a dream.

In case you have actually observed the foundation mentioned in other resources of bibliographies think about. It’s of vital relevance when stating secondary and key options that you cite them properly so the viewer may validate them.

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Thoughts from the Group Ride – Pace Lines Sun, 16 Aug 2015 12:51:18 +0000 /?p=1300 Since the last thought turned into a bit of a rant, although deservedly so (dying sucks, afterall) I’m going to keep this one a little shorter.

I think we all know by now that the paceline should be echeloned in a crosswind. What seems to be unclear to some riders are the ramifications of that. Since the riders behind are overlapped to one side:

  • Always rotate off of the front into the wind. If you pull off the other way, you’re likely to chop the next rider’s wheel and take down the entire group. Of course and as always, communicate your intentions and make smooth movements.
  • When pointing and calling out obstacles, you have to think about where the riders are behind you. If you are pulling into a left crosswind, a pothole on your left doesn’t matter, but one several feet to your right does.
  • Ride as far in the direction of the wind as is safe and practical so there’s room for an echelon. Otherwise you are “guttering” the group and making drafting extremely difficult. This should never be done except on “fight club” style racer rides, and even then only in a left wind. (See previous rant).

If you don’t know what an echelon is, the highly technical diagram below should clear things up:

photo ]]> 0
Thoughts from the Group Ride – Cars Sun, 16 Aug 2015 12:17:06 +0000 /?p=1297 Getting hit by a car sucks. Trust me on this one.

There’s always going to be an element of risk involved in road cycling. But we should take every reasonable precaution to avoid becoming a hood ornament.

Through no fault of the rider, I’ve been hit, my wife has been hit, and I’ve had friends hit. Sometimes you are “lucky” and it’s a minor inconvenience. Sometimes it’s “not as bad as it could have been” and you only spend a few hours in the hospital and a few grand on a new bike and kit.

Sometimes it’s “bad” and you spend days or weeks in the hospital, miss weeks of work, do months of rehab, and your life is never the same again.

And then sometimes you simply depart this mortal coil. Leaving the rest of us to hang a white bike somewhere and add your name to the list we honor on the Ride of Silence.

So why the hell are we riding on the left side of the lane? I’m not talking about “taking the lane,” I’m talking about riding in the left-hand wheel rut on the lane we’re in.  In a paceline, inches from passing traffic.

Why not move over a few feet? That safety margin could come in quite handy if there’s a squirrel, or a pot hole, or someone touches wheels, or anybody has a flat. And that’s to say nothing of the distracted drivers zooming past.

Let’s look at this another way. If someone were throwing 12-lb bowling balls past your head at 345mph, would you move over just a bit to give some margin for error? Because that’s the energy equivalent of a passing car.


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Notes from the Group Ride – April 18 Tue, 21 Apr 2015 17:29:55 +0000 /?p=1284 First of all – Strava! Let’s get some electronic evidence – and friendly competition – going.

It was wet this morning. Not raining, that had cleared up, but the roads were still wet in spots. Here are 3 things to think about when it’s wet.

  • Watch out for paint! Road paint is reflective, which is great for seeing it at night. However it’s also very slippery when wet, which is terrible for bikes. Avoid painted lines whenever possible, and be very careful when you can’t. (This can apply to metal surfaces, like manhole covers and train tracks, too, but there aren’t many of those on the Tri Shop route.)
  • Keep your mouth shut! Road spray is inevitable, but the less of it you can get in your mouth, the better. Go around puddles when it’s safe to do so, stagger the pace line to avoid having a rooster-tail in your face, and keep your mouth closed when you can’t.
  • Be mindful of flats. Water acts as a lubricant for road debris, making it easier for them to puncture your tires. Avoid obvious debris like gravel and glass and wipe your tires with your gloves after encountering debris.* Also consider leaving the race wheels at home – training tires are a little more robust, and cheaper, than the race-day rubber. (Same goes for your really nice, light colored kits!)

*Wiping your tires with your hand while riding is a great way to clear debris – BUT is a very high-level skill that carries significant risk. If you’re not sure, do this while stopped.

Of course a rainy ride requires a little more TLC for your bike, drivetrain, and kit after the ride. For the bike, wash and lube promptly. For the kit, rinse immediately and wash promptly!


Tri Shop has asked me to lead their Saturday Morning “A” Ride. Each week I’ll post a few notes from the ride. These will vary from coaching, to safety, to cycling, to tri, to just an experienced Cat 1’s viewpoint. I hope you’ll learn from these, and I welcome questions and comments.

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Sugar and Taste Buds Fri, 23 Jan 2015 16:48:14 +0000 /?p=1267 Yesterday we talked about cutting refined sugars from your diet, but what exactly does that mean for what goes on your plate, and what exactly does it mean for how you’ll enjoy it?

Well first, let me tell you why it matters. You could meet your weight loss goal of 1lb per week just by changing the sugars in what you drink. Not changing what you drink, just the amount of sugar in it. Intrigued? Keep reading.

Anybody remember puffed rice cakes? Gosh but those things were awful. Rest assured that is not what we are talking about here.


In the theme of keeping this simple and real world, here are some everyday examples:

  • No sugar (or sugar substitutes) in your coffee*
  • Unsweet tea instead of sweet tea*
  • Fruit for a snack or dessert instead of candy or granola bar
  • Small square of dark chocolate for a snack or dessert instead of a pastry
  • Homemade oatmeal instead of sugary cereal or packaged, flavored oatmeal
  • Real food during a workout instead of sports drink or sports food
  • Real food after a workout instead of recovery drink or chocolate milk
  • Oh, and of course no sodas*

Now many of you are thinking that you can’t live without your sweet tea, or that everything on the list above tastes terrible. And you may be right, it may not seem tasty to you right now. A lot of people have acclimated their tastebuds to cloyingly sweet foods to such an extent that a piece of fruit no longer tastes sweet.*

However, there is good news. You can slowly wean yourself off of these foods, and your tastebuds will return to normal. There are foods that I used to really enjoy that I can no longer eat because they are too sweet to me.

If that’s where you find yourself, then start small and work your way towards the goal:

  • For every teaspoon of sugar you used to put in your coffee, put 1/2 teaspoon of honey
  • Drink your tea half unsweet and half sweet, or 3/4 unsweet and 1/4 lemonade
  • Put a small amount of honey, brown sugar, or molasses on your oatmeal with fruit that’s replacing Captain Crunch, Fruit Loops, or whatever kids cereal you had been eating (and holy crap, while you’re at it – quit feeding that crap to your kids!)

Gradually work your way towards no added sugar. Start with 1/2 and 1/2 tea, then 2/3 and 1/3, then 3/4 and 1/4, and pretty soon you’ll be able to appreciate tea for what it actually tastes like. Maybe even experiment with some oolong or white or green teas!

To lose 1lb per week you need to cut 500 calories per day from your diet.

Medium sweet tea – 300 calories.

Coffee with 2 sugars – 32.

So if you drink 2 glasses of tea, and 2 cups of coffee a day, and make the switches suggested above, that’s 664 calories.

Replace just one large soda per day with unsweet tea, and suddenly we’re at 964 calories – knocking on the door of 2lbs per week. Just by changing what you drink!

*We’ve already had a post about how to doctor your coffee in the mornings, but looking back I’m not sure it made it to the new site. Maybe we’ll do another one soon. For now, try a little cinnamon and orange zest in your coffee if you just can’t take it black.

*As with coffee, try brewing your tea with one spice tea bag in place of a regular tea bag.

*Sodas are by far the easiest way to cut excess sugars from your diet. There’s 140 calories in a can of coke, 310 in a large restaurant soda. However, soda does make a good reward food after a hard workout. Treating yourself to one 12oz can, or better yet a 7.5oz mini can, immediately after a workout (ie during the glycogen window) won’t hurt your diet, and will mentally boost your workouts.

*The same is true for salt in fast food and packaged foods.

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