We Share the Love, and go everywhere in our Subarus. These versatile vehicles handle everything from muddy mountain bikes to dirty dogs, and still look good for business meetings. They are safe, comfortable, and ours are even green.

Whether you’re a roadie, mtb’er, triathlete, or just looking for a bike for your kid, Richardson Bike Mart is the place to go. There are other shops, but there’s a reason RBM has been around for over 50 years. They’ve got a great selection of the best brands. We don’t have a partner for every little thing – we’ve got RBM for everything.

The one-stop shop for athlete wellness in North Texas is Spring Valley Spine and Sports. Dr. Lezlie Maloy and her staff are our secret weapon for injury pre-hab and re-hab.

We hydrate with locally sourced Crazy Water. It’s crazy good; great taste and natural minerals.

Hincapie Sports continues to supply road and tri kits. They’ve done our Pace Group kits for 4 years now, and we liked them so much we’re using them for all our gear.

The Racing Post is where we turn for regional endurance sports coverage, where we advertise our events, and where we sometimes get to tell our racing stories.