There are just a few basic tools required: email/internet and a heart rate monitor.

Routine communication will be handled via email. Training plans will be posted usingwww.trainingpeaks.comYou can log in to view your workouts and post your results. TrainingPeaks will also serve as your training log. Information and metrics are applied to each workout, and available for me to view.


Heart Rate Monitor (HRM)
I view a heart rate monitor as a necessity. It is the simplest, quickest, and cheapest way to measure intensity*. All prescribed workouts (save swimming, which will be pace-based) will have heart rate zone information. This insures that we are on the same page, and that your training is at the correct intensity. Most likely we can use your existing HRM. If you do not have one, I can recommend one based on your needs and budget.

*For those taking issue with this statement, remember that RPE, while a valid metric, can be obfuscated by differing scales and usually takes years of practice to judge accurately.

Telephone or Video Message
Initial interviews and selected conversations can be carried out via telephone or video chat (MSN, Skype, etc.) Of course we can always do it the old-fashioned way and sit down over a cup of coffee, too!


Power Meter
Power meters are the latest, greatest gadget for cyclists. I have 2, and have been using power for 5 years. It can be a great tool, but it’s not for everyone. Power meters are optional for all clients, and recommended for Elite clients. If you are considering a power meter I can help you with the pros and cons, as well as selecting the best unit for you.

Runners, swimmers, and cyclists alike can benefit from GPS. Again I welcome this technology, as it makes my job easier. This is one of those fun toys that you will eventually want to get. But if you’re not there yet, no worries.


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